“Exact Cuts Everytime”

“We think you'll be thrilled”

“We'd Take One of the Dubby Models Anytime”


Wood Magazine Top Table Saw Sled

Since 1988, the Dubby has been recognized by WOOD Magazine as the top table saw sled. They’ve said:

  • 1988: “We’d recommend the Dubby to anyone who is interested in doing careful, precision work.”
  • 2001: “We think you’ll be thrilled with the price, performance, and simplicity of the Dubby.”
  • 2007: “It’s intuitive, accurate, and its zero-clearance edge delivers clean cuts in large panels—and that’s why you buy a sled.”
  • 2013: “You could also get both sleds and make all your angled cuts as well as panel cuts, and never need a miter gauge.”



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